Dear Jake and Associates:

Some ten years ago, after taking a financial bath in the stock market, and losing my husband, I turned to Yetterberg Retirement Solutions to manage my financial affairs.  Since then, those services have been invaluable to my well-being and financial security.  Since the beginning, my investments have been secure; in fact, increasing every year.

Jake Yetterberg is a true professional, an expert in his field, and has an uncanny way of presenting complicated facts for me to gain understanding.  Yearly, he gives me a consolidated list of my investments, and explains to me the advantages and disadvantages of each - including tax considerations. I look forward to going to his quarterly updates on what's going on in the financial/investment world.  In short, he has his finger on the pulse beat.

Without reservation, I can recommend Jake Yetterberg and his team to provide senior services and retirement solutions.  I sleep better knowing that my finances are in his safe care.


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Max Webb and I wish to share this short story with a happy ending to any and all who might find themselves in a quandary like I did and few years ago.  I had what few investments I owned with one of the national brokerage houses located here in San Antonio.  Over a period of about twenty years, this organization was sold and changed names three times, along with the retirement of my first two brokers.  When the market crashed and went south a few years ago, I became worried about the security of what funds I had in the market.  I was told by my new broker that all was well and that I was completely insured with the instruments that I had purchased over a period of time.  I became a little nervous with his comments and checked it out myself to find out that I had badly misunderstood, or that I had been badly misled; so I started to look elsewhere for financial assistance.  I called several of the major firms listed in the yellow pages and the results from even visiting with the brokers on the phone was less than satisfactory and actually discouraged them, for where I had my money invested and the lack of investment that I may bring to their portfolio.  I then saw Jake's yellow page advertisement and called just to see what his organization is about.

Miale answered my call and after about three minutes with her on the phone, I felt as though I might have found new friends.  My wife and I set up an appointment and went in and met Jake, Kim and Miale.  We discussed our situation at the time and Jake took notes, listened to our concerns and understood the need for us to protect what we had.  He researched what was available in the market place  that he though would fit our needs, and at our next meeting he shared with us several options that he felt would work with us, in achieving our intended goals.  At no time did he try to sell us anything, and when my wife and I left we were actually thankful for finding him in the yellow pages.

We went home and discussed the options he had presented to us, made our choices, then moved our accounts over to his office.  This has been several years now and we could not be more pleased with the results, or the poeple in his office that we have come to know and appreciate so much.  He recently added a new employee, Debbie, that is just as personal and dynamic as the rest of the office.  I guess the thing that strikes me most favorably is that wehn I enter that office I am treated as though I am his largest account, for the way that I am greeted and received by the entire office.  And in reality, I am most likely one of his smallest.  That just makes it special, when you know that they really do care about you as an individual and not just a numbr.

Jake, in my many meetings with him has never mentioned my previous brokerage firm, nor made light of what I have been able to put together here in my golden years (whatever that means).  Two of the many things we older people worry about are health and what little money we have to make it on.  I just wish Jake and his office were also physicians.  If anyone would like to speak to me in person, Yetterberg Retirement Solutions has permission to give you our contact numbers.



Max and Dianne Webb 

 Dear Jake;

For more than five years our mutual fund portfolio was in dire condition and declining daily.  We were fortunate in attending a financial seminar led by Mr. Jake Yetterberg.  Through follow up consultation reviews we were favorably impressed with his current knowledge and ability to tailor a financial strategy that protected our remaining assets.

Mr. Yetterberg has consistently exhibited honesty and professionalism throughout our working relationship.  These qualities aid in elevating his reputation in the field of finanical investments for the senior citizen.

My wife and I place our confidence in Yetterberg Senior Services and would happily recommend others to seek Jake's financial expertise.


Clark, San Antonio, Texas

Dear Jake,

After attending multiple financial seminars, I selected you as my financial manager because I find that you are well rounded in all financial planning aspects taht concern senior investments.

You are professional, honest and have very high morals.  You always greet me with a hand shake and a smile.  You explain your recommendations as many times as needed without rushing me out of your office.  I have even called you on the phone and visted your office for a "repeat" session. 

Your staff is an asset to your firm.  These ladies always greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable.

I highly recommend Yetterberg Retirement Solutions to an s enior that is looking for quality service.



Dear Mr. Yetterberg,

Thank you for your recent presentation "How to Read Your Account Statements and Interpret the 24/7 Financial News"  As you know, the information contained in this class is a very important benefit to our members.  Your support of OASIS is invaluable to our organization.

The staff at OASIS has expressed their appreciation and noted the impact your presentation had on our seniors.  Thank you for making the trip to OASIS.

The evaluations we received were outstanding.  The class felt you were an excellent and informative presenter.  We are looking forward to your next presentation.  Thanks again for your support of OASIS.



Linda Charlton, Curriculum Coordinator

Dear Jake,

As we near the end of another year, Lois and I feel very comfortable with our portfolio because of your expert advice.  It is always a pleasure to discuss our financial situation with you and learn of options and market conditions.  There are no grey areas, no hidden costs, no basis points, no expense ratios, just the confident feeling that we know exactly what are investments are and what the returns will be.

Not only do we feel good about the service and products you have provided, we see some very real and immediate benefit at income tax time.  We are now smiling on April 15th.

We feel fortunate to have you as our financial advisor.


Roland and Lois

To Whom It May Concern,

We have been clients of Jake Yetterberg of Yetterberg Senior Services and Retirement Solutions for several years now and would highly recommend the use of his services to others.  Prior to an early retirement in our late 50's, Jake provided us with expert advice on how we could structure a retirement portfolio that would provide us with a reasonable level of risk commensurate with an expected level of return on our retirement funds.  Upon retirement, we moved our employer sponsored savings plan funds to investment instruments that provide us with flexibility as our income needs change while minimizing our tax liability to the greatest extent possible.

Jake and his staff have been very professional while working with us.  We appreciate his explanation of the various investment options available to us and being available to answer any questions we have.  Once again, we would highly recommend Jake as a professional advisor for structuring a retirement plan to meet your objectives.

Very truly yours,

Larry & Margie

Hi Jake,

Your logo is so true - "Because You Can't Afford Mistakes."

A person, no matter their age, must carefully select their financial manager.  This person must be well rounded in all aspects of money management, i.e., stock market, taxes, leverages, and always watchful for so many other financial pitfalls.  A finanical manager must be pro-active and always alert for changes in the economy and directions taken by major corporations.

But, it is doubly important that the senior citizen make the correct choice for a financial manager.  They cannot afford to select a financial manager who will squander their hard-earned savings.  It takes years to accumulate sufficient funds to live comfortably during retirement and if savings are lost, a senior citizen does not have time, earning power or the capability to recoup lost savings.

I have great confidence in Jake Yetterberg.  I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, honest, and has very high morals.

When I finally found Jake, I was confident enough to take my savings out of the Credit Union and let him invest it for me.

Thank you!

Mrs. Bettie

Previous to taking Jake on as our financial advisor, we had an advisor who really was not keeping us abreast of what was happening in the market and how it was affecting our investments.

Jake invited us to one of his free sessions.  He impresssed us with his honesty, knowledge and willingness to advise us regardless of the size of our assets.

At our first appointment, he showed us that we were giving up too much of our earnings in fees.  He made recommendations that were geared more to our status (approaching retirement).

It is obvious to us that Jake stays current on the market, tax changes and products available.  His office staff is always helpful and they keep us informedd with frequent open-house mini-seminars, a newsletter, as well as email updates.

I tutor reading impaired students through a senior citizens organization and was impressed to see that Jake serves on the Boad of this organization.  He gives his time by volunteering to his community.

Considering all of these things, is there any doubt why we chose and continue to use Yetterberg Retirement Solutions?